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The Centre for Communication Governance (CCG) is a part of National Law University, Delhi and is based on the university’s campus in Dwarka.

One of the most serious threats to communication policy in India is that law and policy lag far behind technology’s rapid progress. We believe there is a scarcity of the resources (research and a pool of people with the capacity to contribute) that are needed to help law and policy keep pace with technological advancement. This needs to be remedied in in the interests of protecting citizens’ rights and diverse public discourse. Our work aims to fill these gaps.

We hope to start filling the research vacuum, and to create a pool of people with the capacity to contribute effectively to information technology policy. CCG plans to help the Indian legal education establishment engage more meaningfully with communication law and policy, and contribute to communication policy making.

Our research is inter-disciplinary and we have members who teach at NLU, as well as members who focus full time on the centre’s work. We hope to have lawyers, political scientists, journalists, historians, and others work with us over time. CCG plans to use its research to engage meaningfully with policy making in India, by participating in public-consultations, contributing to parliamentary sub-committees and other consultation groups, holding seminars and workshops for different stakeholders in communication policy and strategic intervention in communication litigation that is likely to affect citizens’ political rights.